• Award-winning video content that connects students to concepts
  • Both in person and online learning activities
  • Research based reflection elements
  • A welcoming role model that greets students and guides reflection
  • Avatars connected to overarching themes of nutrition (avocado), movement (sneaker), SEL (star), and personal awareness (moon).


Children’s Hope India

Children’s Hope India (CHI) believes that vulnerable and impoverished children deserve our attention.

Our mission is to lift children from poverty to prosperity by nurturing the whole child, providing education, nutrition, medical care and career building. We work with children throughout India and in New York, where our founders and so many members of our community live.

All the children we work with share commonly-agreed upon indicators of economic disadvantages such as: living at or below to poverty level, experiencing food and/or housing insecurity, access to basic healthcare and hygiene, school enrollment and attendance.